Opt-Out – Right to Object

You can withdraw from Sirdata’s data collection program via Cookies and other similar technologies.

  • The exercising of the right to object proceeds through the placing of an objection cookie. In case you gave your consent to Sirdata through several Browsers and/or Devices, we remind you the exercising of the right to object must be submitted on each Device and each Browser you employ.
  • Deleting Cookies will remove the information needed to process your objection. The same may apply when Browsers are changed or updated. In order for the request for objection to be accurate, we advise the User to object prior to the deleting of his Cookies. This will enable Sirdata to apply the request after the cookie being identified. If the Cookies are deleted or if the Browsers are changed/updated with deletion of Cookies, you will therefore have to reconfirm their decision to exercise your right to object.

Click here to express your right to object to Sirdata’s tracking technologies (Opt-Out).

By objecting to the collect of your Data by Sirdata using Cookies, you are informed that Sirdata’s Partners and Customers will no longer save Cookies on your Device by means of Sirdata.

Sirdata wish to highlight it is using a technical mechanism enabling to control, check and confirm the User gave his preferences prior to any Personal Data treatment. This mechanism used by a large number of digital European entities enable the joining actors to know on a real time basis whether there is a refusal, a consent, or an opposition and so where appropriate to block any action.

Nevertheless, all our Partners are not members of this mechanism and so won’t receive your objection through this automated system and will be able to place Cookie without the use of Sirdata. To make sure, you can exercise your right to object with all our Partners, we invite you to read the following page.

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Personal Data :

Sirdata takes consumer’s privacy very seriously and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Our particular model is privacy friendly, and does not collect or store any sensitive data in its process.