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Funded by data collection

Sirdata Cookies : YES

Licence fees compensated through a barter model, and so by the data collection.

Net payable : 0 €.

Sirdata and its partners use trackers only and exclusively under the condition of obtaining a valid consent from the end user.

Tarif CMP

Invoice on the total of page views

Sirdata Cookies : NO

There is no limit to the number of websites, pages and domains..

The monthly invoicing is based on page views and monthly hits floors.

Sirdata CMP doesn't generate any transfer of targeting data to Sirdata and its partners

Tarif CMP

Whatever your choice,
features offered are the same!


  • Logo

  • Colors

  • Privacy pages

  • CMP placement

  • Dark mode

  • Text font & size

  • Roundness level of banner borders


  • ePrivacy / RGPD / CCPA

  • Multilingual  

    16 languages available : French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Polish, Norwegian, Romanian, Swedish, Danish, Hungarian.

  • Flash & advanced configuration

  • Banner Capping  

    Expiration capping for consent cookies

  • Purposes selection

  • Google Consent Mode

  • Add-on Google AdSense / Ads


  • IAB TCF V2.2 Live

  • Toolbar for CMP resurfacing

  • Web desktop & Mobile friendly

  • Google AMP

  • Preselected lists of partners

  • Vendors and legal basis selection

  • Daily statistics


TCF V2.2

Google Partner

Google Partner








Additional modules

Custom option

Video Wall

Conditionning of Youtube & Dailymotion players
from 25€ / month


Tag management

Conditioning the firing of your whole tags upon the end user choice
from 1 000€


GDPR & e-Privacy audit

Evaluation of the compliance level of a website with regards to the regulations
100€ / domain


Consulting missions

Sirdata expertise will support you through consulting missions
on demand


Monetization of your inventory

Get revenue from your logged audience
on demand

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