Sirdata Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy Related to Business Operations

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Latest version date: June 27th, 2018

The present policy details the measures undertaken by Sirdata to protect the Personal Data of its Customers, Partners and Prospects for the purpose of managing Sirdata’s marketing and business operations.

To access the privacy policy related to Sirdata’s activities and services, please click here.

Sirdata is committed to respect all applicable data protection provisions and wants to ensure transparency regarding the use of personal data, users’ privacy rights and the means made available to exercise them.


As part of its marketing and sales operations, Sirdata collects the professional contact data and other Personal Data from its Customers, Partners and Prospects.

The gathering of the information by Sirdata can be carried out in a number of ways:
  • – The individual concerned registers on Sirdata’s website and provides his or her professional contact details
  • – Sirdata’s employee meets with the individual concerned and they exchange contact details
  • – Sirdata’s employee searches for the contact information of the individual concerned by means of professional contact databases
  • – The individual concerned browses and/or interacts with Sirdata’s website, newsletters and marketing emails


Sirdata collects identifying data (name, first name, etc.), professional contact data (professional email address, professional phone number etc.) and professional status data (organisation, job title etc.)

Through the company’s website, newsletters and marketing emails, Sirdata uses cookies and other similar technologies to collect the browsing and interaction data of the individual concerned (pages viewed, emails openings, clicks etc.)

It is important to note that Sirdata does not collect any Sensitive Data.



The Data is used solely for sharing information about the company’s services and latest news, within the context of business and/or contractual relationships, and to answer requests for information.

The Data collected using cookies and other similar technologies is used with the purposes of audience analyses and statistical measures, enabling the improvement of the performance and relevance of Sirdata’s communications with the individual concerned.

As defined by the General Data Protection Regulation, the legal basis for processing the Data for the purpose of managing Sirdata’s marketing and business operations is the company’s legitimate interest.



Sirdata only retains information necessary to achieve the purposes aforementioned, in the limit of 3 years after the last interaction of the individual concerned with the company. On top of the conservation process, Sirdata implements technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of Personal Data.



Sirdata is committed to ensure the confidentiality of the Data collected and to prevent unauthorised third parties from viewing, using, disclosing, modifying, damaging or destroying said Data.

Only Sirdata employees whose role requires them to view the Data are authorised to access them, in accordance with strict confidentiality obligations to which they are subject, on penalty of proportionate and appropriate disciplinary sanctions.



In order to allow Sirdata to operate its website, business operations and marketing tactics, the Data collected may be transferred to countries outside European Union to the following subcontractors:

  • – Hubspot
  • – Autopilot
  • – Mailchimp
  • – Google Analytics
Sirdata ensures when applicable that its subcontractors formally undertake to provide an adequate level of protection in line with data protection standards, such as compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield, Binding Corporate Rules or standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission.

Sirdata does not share the personal Data of its Customers, Partners and Prospects with any company, organisation, or outside party other than its subcontractors.



In accordance with the regulation, Sirdata allows the exercise of the rights to object, to access and to erasure.

7.1 Right to object

To unsubscribe from Sirdata’s newsletters and marketing emails, please click here. An unsubscribe button and a contact email address are also always included in the marketing emails and newsletters sent by Sirdata for the exercise of the right to object.

To deactivate the gathering of Data by Sirdata using cookies and other similar technologies, please click here.

7.2 Rights to access and to erasure

To fulfil requests for access and erasure, Sirdata asks the individual concerned to submit his or her request and provide a valid proof of identity using the form available here.



This Policy may be subject to change. Any change to the rules of the Policy will be accessible as soon as it comes into effect on this page.



Cookie(s): means a text file that is saved temporarily, when viewing a website. A cookie file allows the issuer to identify the internet browser of the device it is saved on, while the Cookie remains valid or during the period it is saved for.

Customer(s): means any representative of a company other than those that make up Sirdata, with which Sirdata has entered into an agreement relating to the provision of Sirdata services, which allows them to publish an advertisement or personalised message.

Personal Data or Data: means, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of 26 April 2016 (“GDPR”), all information that allows a data subject to be identified either directly or indirectly, regardless of the device used. Personal data include sociodemographic, browsing or interaction data relating to a device’s connection to the internet or a website at a given moment (IP address, date and time of a device’s connection to a website, the identity of the device or its browsing software, the browser’s user languages, the type and version of the browser used by a device, the operating system used by the device, etc.).

Sensitive Data: means those Personal Data that reveal a person’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, genetic status or state of health, or sexual orientation. It is important to note that Sirdata does not collect any Sensitive Data.

Partner(s) : means any representative of a company other than those that make up Sirdata, with which Sirdata has entered into an agreement relating to the provision of Sirdata services and enabling Sirdata to gather and/or distribute data to its Customer(s) and/or to its Partner(s)’ customers.

Prospect(s) : means any representative of a company other than those that make up Sirdata, with which Sirdata wishes to enter into an agreement relating to the provision of Sirdata services.

Personal Data

Sirdata takes consumer’s privacy very seriously and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Our particular model is privacy friendly, and does not collect or store any sensitive data in its process.