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Sirdata (“Sirdata”, takes consumer’s privacy very seriously and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. The present charter describes the measures put in place to respect and protect the information collected within the framework of our activities.

Data collection

For its core activities, Sirdata collects anonymous browsing data through its network of partner publishers. To collect this anonymous data, Sirdata uses cookies : small text files that web servers typically send to a user’s computer when they visit a website.

Sirdata does not collect nor store any personal data from users, such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail. Sirdata does not collect nor store any sensitive data such as political, philosophical, sexual or religious preferences, ethnic or racial origins, trade union membership or health condition. Sirdata does not collect any data on sensitive audience segments such as children under the age of 13 or any other segments considered sensitive by IAB Europe’s Self-regulation.

Data usage and protection

All data collected is stored in aggregate form, meaning that information about a specific user can not be retrieved. Sirdata also maintains physical, electronic and administrative safeguards to protect its data from accidental, unauthorized or unlawful access, use, modification, loss or destruction. The data is kept on a secure server whose access is restricted solely to authorized users.

Anonymous data collected by Sirdata is aggregated and stored for marketing purposes : its clients use its technology to better target their ads or other services according to the interests or intents of users.

Opt out

Our partner publishers are contractually required to advise site visitors on their opt-in or opt-out options  through a clear privacy policy.

You may click here to opt-out of data collection and targeting cookies from Sirdata. Be advised that if you uses multiple devices and browsers, you need to repeat this process for each device and each browser.

Should you have any question regarding Sirdata’s privacy policy or practices, please contact us here.

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Personal Data

Sirdata takes consumer’s privacy very seriously and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Our particular model is privacy friendly, and does not collect or store any personal or sensitive data in its process.