Nielsen’s Paul Barnard joins Sirdata to strengthen UK team

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Former Head of Media at Nielsen Marketing Cloud becomes Media Director at innovative data modelling business.

Data modelling experts, Sirdata UK, have appointed Paul Barnard, Head of Media at Nielsen Marketing Cloud, to expand the organisation in the UK.

The French business, which interprets data to optimise customer intent, has set its sights on rapid development in the UK, and in his new role as Media Director, Barnard will be a key player in achieving this.

With a career in media spanning over a decade, Barnard was part of the senior management team who recently sold psychographic audience data business VisualDNA to Nielsen. As Publishing Director, he helped to grow publisher-focused revenue at VisualDNA significantly during his tenure.

In his new position as Media Director at Sirdata, Barnard will focus primarily on working with Media Partners to create intelligent data modelling and customer segments for more accurate and effective ad targeting.

“The short term goal is to create supply, developing partnerships with key publishers across the ecosytem, gathering rich data signals to create live intent audiences, enabling the creation of bespoke segments at scale,” Barnard explained. “Our mid-long vision is to, is to form strategic partnerships with Publishers, utilising our modelling expertise to help extract the most value from audiences, helping maximise both the understanding of their users and advertising yield.”

Commenting on the appointment, Sirdata’s UK Managing Director Harvey Sarjant said: “Paul’s experience and knowledge of digital media is second to none. He will prove pivotal in growing the company in the UK and beyond, and in achieving our goals of using data modelling to target advertising based on consumer intent to deliver better performance for brands and publishers.”

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