Access to our main partners’ privacy policies

Adobe Advertising Cloud is an end-to-end platform for managing advertising across traditional TV and digital formats.

Users can access here Adobe Advertising Cloud privacy policy.

Appnexus Inc is a technology company who enables and optimizes programmatic online advertising.

Users can access here Appnexus privacy policy.

Captify Technologies Limited, specialised in search intelligence and intent data processing, offers advertisers digital marketing solutions.

Users can access here Captify privacy policy.

eXelate is the property of Nielsen. eXelate cookies collects information about your activities and preferences that allows 3rd party companies to engage with you through personalised, relevant adverts when you’re browsing other websites and social media platforms, and through eXelate analytics services.

Users can opt-out of the eXelate services here.

GroupM is a global company specialised in consulting and media investment management.

Users can access here GroupM privacy policy.

Liveramp‘s technology enables advertisers to display on the websites and/or mobile applications you visit relevant offers based on their consumption habits and for analysis. To function, this service is based on the placing of a cookie on your browser when you open an email or the use of the device ID. The reception of your email irreversibly encrypted provides a technical key associated with your cookies and/or device IDs. When placing our cookies, some technical information can be automatically collected (IP address, operating system or the type of browser). Our cookies do not track your browsing behaviour. We do not store any information related to your connection.

You can easily object at any time by clicking here.

Lotame Solutions, Inc. is a data management platform provider in the fiels of marketing and customer relationship.

Users can access here Lotame privacy policy.

Oath (EMEA) Limited is an online media company that offers digital and advertising solutions.

Users can access here Oath privacy policy.

Oracle is a Saas provider including in the fields of multichannel marketing and user experience.

Users can access here Oracle privacy policy.

Simplifi Holdings Inc. is a technological platform specialised in localised online media investment.

Users can access here Simplifi privacy policy.

The Trade Desk, Inc and affiliated companies is a self-service platform for online marketing campaigns management and optimisation.

Users can access here The Trade Desk privacy policy.

Personal Data

Sirdata takes consumer’s privacy very seriously and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Our particular model is privacy friendly, and does not collect or store any sensitive data in its process.