Released on time, Sirdata’s Consent Management Platform passes all TCF V2.0 compliance checks

Press Release Paris, April 1st, 2020 – Sirdata CMP (ID 92) has successfully passed the IAB Europe TCF V2.0 compliance checks and is ready for upgrading its 7.700+ publishers on time. Sirdata team is proud to announce that its Consent Management Platform (CMP) successfully passed the IAB Europe CMP Validator TCF V2.0 compliance checks on March 26th 2020, before the requested deadline of the 31st March 2020. It is the first Consent Management Platform to pass all TCF V2.0 compliance checks in France and amongst the first five CMPs worldwide. At present, Sirdata claims to be the only CMP supporting all TCF V2.0 options including Out-Of-Band and Publisher Restrictions (to prevent from data leakage) as well as additional features like third-party data and contextual APIs (“Switch by Sirdata”). Why you should care :
  • Since 2018 and the introduction of the General Data protection Regulation (GDPR), Sirdata has been managing its own Consent Management Platform developed under the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework specifications and already adopted by several thousand websites, mainly in France and the UK.
  • When working with a CMP, it is recommended to check its CMP ID is in the TCF V2.0 CMP list. The IAB Europe CMP Validator Sirdata CMP passed through is a tool which aim is to validate whether a CMP conforms to the technical specifications, protocols and policies detailed in the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework.
  • The Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) is a global standard managed by IAB Europe and has been designed to support the digital advertising ecosystem comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive; An industry standard, made by and for the industry.
The Sirdata CMP new UI is easy to personalize according to website designs, is available in twelve languages, and works on any devices (from desktop to mobile, web and in-app). The solution is offered in either a freemium license (against data) or in premium license.
About Sirdata Sirdata, independant innovative company founded in 2012, is specialized in Data and Privacy. In addition to its “Audience” solutions, which improves inventory value, Sirdata has launched its Contextual Intelligence offer towards publishers in order to provide them with an immediate consent-aware and cookieless response. Since 2018, the company has acquired a unique technical know-how in the management and the distribution of Consent Management Platforms (CMP) for publisher networks, websites and their advertising partners (ad-network, advertisers, first party data providers for retargeting purposes…). Company’s solutions are natively integrated into major secure platforms (DSP, SSP, DMP, CRM, etc.). Sirdata is headquartered in Paris, France.
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Personal Data :

Sirdata takes consumer’s privacy very seriously and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Our particular model is privacy friendly, and does not collect or store any sensitive data in its process.