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March 19, 2019 – On March 6, Sirdata receives two seals “Approved Status Registered CMP” (CMP ID 92) and “Approved Status Registered Vendor” (Vendor ID 53) from IAB Europe. The company, which has been committed, since General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entry into force, in favor of the Transparency and Consent Framework (T&CF), welcomes the recognition of her work towards Privacy and User respect. Sirdata announces that it will innovate again and pairs her Consent Management Platform (CMP) to her semantic processing tool (NLP) which has allowed her to build her reputation, and will test with her partners in 2019 its automatic switch to contextual targeting in case of a user “refusal” (Consent) or “opposition”(Legitimate Interest) to “personal” targeting.

IAB Europe has created and is issuing approval seals to participating actors as Vendors and as CMP, in order to justify, to the whole digital ecosystem, the commitment taken by the companies adhering to the T&CF, in particular towards transparency, a prerequisite before processing and respectful of lawful basis such as Legitimate Interest and Consent,

Sirdata is pleased to announce that it is the first French company member of the Transparency and Consent Framework (T&CF) to display on its website Consent Management Platform and Vendor approved dual status. Benoît OBERLE, Sirdata ’s CEO, says he is “very proud of his team, which is mobilized on a daily basis to search and promote balanced methods and tools that enable digital advertising actors to do their job while ensuring User the respect of his fundamental rights. He also thanks those who among his partners and customers have remained faithful despite new constraints and sometimes significant income loss implied by compliancy to GDPR.

The need for a balanced, constructive, serene, normative European framework.

IAB France Board member, IAB Europe T&CF Steering Group member, Sirdata is a recognized actor and promoter in the development of the T&CF standard, and defends the idea that it can, under certain conditions, bring to the whole digital advertising industry the serenity it expects and deserves.

The need to allow each publisher to monetise.

Aware of the impact, implied by respecting user choices, the company innovates on a daily basis to enable publishers to maximize their revenues in all circumstances. The company announces that it is currently testing, as to bring it up to his partners, a solution that combines the efficiency of her CMP with the power of her original semantic processing tool. This solution allows publishers and their customers to automatically switch from a personal data targeting approach to a contextual targeting approach, if it is impossible to target a personal data, by determining on the fly the category or categories of the page based on the IAB taxonomy dedicated to OpenRTB.

About Sirdata

Sirdata, a young independent French innovative company, collects, aggregates and processes – semantically and statistically – raw web user browsing data, in the strictest respect of data protection and privacy. A know-how that allows the company to create audience segments – intent, interest, life event, demographics, audience extension, brand – according to the targeting strategies of each brand.

If the company is natively integrated with the main secured platforms used by agencies and brands (DSP, CRM, DMP, CDP …), it now helps publishers by allowing them to combine their premium inventory with the quality of its data and / or semantic tools directly in their Ad Server or SSP. The solutions and services provided by the company allow its customers and partners to leverage quality data, in a controlled governance, respectful of the desire expressed by the User.

Sirdata is an ARPP member | IAB France Board Member | IAB France Task Force Privacy Coordinator | IAB Europe TCF Steering Group member | Turing Club Member. These implications are intended to promote useful and minimized data use, develop data privacy understanding and favorize qualitative user experiences approaches.

Personal Data :

Sirdata takes consumer’s privacy very seriously and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Our particular model is privacy friendly, and does not collect or store any sensitive data in its process.