The only solution to maintain Google Analytics !

Keep the completeness of your Analytics statistics despite a decreasing consent rate and secure your data transfers to the United States. Sirdata Analytics Helper is an exclusive proxy solution that enables you to go on with using Google Analytics (UA & GA4) while respecting the legal framework.

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Just a tag to automate everything !


  • Maintain statistics even in the absence of user consent:

    - If consent, Analytics Helper notifies Google to use its cookies.

    - Without consent or without refusal, the Analytics Helper maintains the actual statistics and all Analytics and Ads events such as UV, visits, clicks, cappings… (through a cookie-less domain).

Transfer management

  • Addressing the compliance of personal data transfers to the USA through a proxy.

    Analytics Helper secures the transfers and flows of personal data from European users to the US through the use of a Sirdata proxy in order to comply with regulations.


Comparison of the 4 scenarios
for using Google Analytics

Analytics Helper

Analytics Helper works
with all versions
of Google Analytics

Whatever the version of your tag (UA or GA4), different integrations are possible:

  • via a Google Analytics Asynchronous script (ga.js)
  • via a Universal Analytics script (analytics.js)
  • via the Global Site Tag (gtag.js)
  • via the Tag Manager

Easy pricing, per website and monthly volume.

50 €

/ month

  • Per website
  • Per hits (tag calls)
  • Annual engagement

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