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  • Sirdata provides a CMP entirely based on TCF V2, certified and compatible with all players in the programmatic market.
    Its dedicated team combines legal, technical and commercial expertise to continually maximize your revenues


  • Maximize your revenues with our contextual and semantic solution.
    This semantic and behavioral analysis technology provides automated categorization of your inventories and audience predictions, including demographics.


  • "Anticipate the disappearance of third-party cookies, and innovate with our cookie free solution.
    Our teams never stop moving forward and creating. Our "cookieless" approach is simple: Targeting Audience "user-centric" or Contextual "content-centric", our solution is the answer!"

Uses Cases

Développer les ventes

Campagne display, sur mobile et desktop visant les familles avec enfant(s).

  • Taux de ce clics : +150%

Développement de notoriété

Campagne display et vidéo à destination des jeunes parents.

  • CTR : 0,39%
  • Performance : x3
  • Reach : 1,5 million d'impression

Développer sa notoriété

Campagne pour un acteur internationnal sur la thématique "LOVE BEAUTY AND PLANET" sur une campagne Vidé in-stream

  • Visibilité : +65%
  • Taux de complétion : 71%
  • VCpm : -25€

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