The best cookie free targeting

Thanks to years of research and analysis of the advertising behavior of our declarative and behavioral data sources, Sirdata allows you to constitute the best targeting, whether user-centric or content-centric, without cookies in order to meet all your marketing challenges.


Our key value ?

Audience targeting

  • Thanks to the use of declarative and behavioral audiences in real time, Sirdata constitutes the most relevant user-centric audience segments

Contextual Targeting

  • Our semantic tool qualifies each content in real time in order for you to deliver your advertising messages on the most efficient delivery contexts

Prediction and innovation for targeting

Innovation is at the heart of our DNA, our technology already allows you to set up your targeting strategies without cookies. The world without cookies is now at your fingertips: volume, precision, prediction, the Sirdata Cookieless solution is the answer.

Uses Cases Cookieless

Développer les ventes

Campagne display, sur mobile et desktop visant les familles avec enfant(s).

  • Taux de ce clics : +150%

Développement de notoriété

Campagne display et vidéo à destination des jeunes parents.

  • CTR : 0,39%
  • Performance : x3
  • Reach : 1,5 million d'impression

Développer sa notoriété

Campagne pour un acteur internationnal sur la thématique "LOVE BEAUTY AND PLANET" sur une campagne Vidé in-stream

  • Visibilité : +65%
  • Taux de complétion : 71%
  • VCpm : -25€

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